Road to Asian Games successfully takes the first step in Macau, China PR

Mon, Jul 03
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Macau, China PR – 2 July 2023 – The first phase of the Road to Asian Games 2022 has concluded successfully in Macau, China PR. This seeding competition, leading up to the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, China PR, took place from 15 June to 2 July 2023 at the Galaxy International Convention Centre, Macau, China. The event featured three game titles: League of Legends, PUBG Mobile Asian Games Version, and Arena of Valor Asian Games Version. 

The Road to Asian Games 2022 commenced with an awe-inspiring Opening Ceremony, showcasing a captivating display of lights, music, and visuals. The ceremony set the stage for the highly anticipated showdown among the top teams in the region, accompanied by inspiring keynote speeches from officials representing the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), the Asian Electronic Sports Federation (AESF), and partners.

The Road to Asian Games 2022 welcomed over 400 athletes and team officials from 28 countries and regions, representing five major Asian regions: Central Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and West Asia. A total of 113 matches were organized to determine the regional rankings for each title and the event garnered an unprecedented estimated viewership figure of 450,000,000+ views for matches online across mainland China and worldwide.

The second and third phases of RDAG 2022 Regionals are scheduled to take place in Hangzhou and Seoul from 22 July to 6 August 2023, featuring game titles: Dream Three Kingdoms 2, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, and EA SPORTS FIFA branded soccer games. DOTA 2 will be conducted online from 12 to 17 July 2023.

A highlight of the event was the finals of the competition for all three game titles, which aimed to determine the top-ranked team and Audi Super A Athlete from each region. The League of Legends event witnessed unexpected and intense performances from the participating countries. PUBG Mobile Asian Games Version garnered tremendous support from fans as Team China, led by renowned athlete “Paraboy,” took the stage for action. Meanwhile, the Arena of Valor Asian Games Version featured strategic manoeuvres and jaw-dropping moments during the Southeast Asian matches, among others. 

League of Legends Top-ranked teams:

East Asia Region – ChinaAudi Super A Athlete: Wang “Hope” Jie

Southeast Asia Region – Malaysia; Audi Super A Athlete: Tam “Shine” See Kheing

West Asia Region – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; Audi Super A Athlete: Nawaf “Wufo” Al-Salem

Central Asia & South Asia Region – IndiaAudi Super A Athlete: Sanindhya “Deadcorp” Malik

PUBG Mobile Asian Games Version Top-ranked teams:

West Asia Region – Palestine; Audi Super A Athlete: Ayoub “Timon” Ishtayyeh

East Asia Region – ChinaAudi Super A Athlete: Chen “FlowerH” Yumeng

Central & South Asia Region – Kazakhstan; Audi Super A Athlete: Zhangir “Sawkesh” Myrza

Southeast Asia Region – Thailand; Audi Super A Athlete: Nuttawut “TonyK” Muensa

Arena of Valor Asian Games Version Top-ranked teams:

South & West Asia Region – JordanAudi Super A Athlete: Mahmoud “Bawadi” Bawadi

Southeast Asia Region – MalaysiaAudi Super A Athlete: Yong “ZhanQ” Zhan Quan

Central Asia Region – KazakhstanAudi Super A Athlete: Zhandaulet “Janda” Zhaxybay

East Asia Region – ChinaAudi Super A Ahlete: Heng “Nuanyang” Lin

Alongside the exceptional accomplishments, the Road to Asian Games 2022 served as a platform for talented athletes to exhibit their skills, connect with fans, and promote collaboration and knowledge sharing among Esports professionals, experts, and enthusiasts. The event facilitated significant networking opportunities, fostering stronger relationships among Member Associations, Olympic Committees, and Title Publishers, which will continue to shape the Esports industry moving forward.

The Road to Asian Games (RDAG) 2022 is jointly organized by the Olympic Council of Asia and the Asian Electronic Sports Federation. The RDAG official competition organising partner, Digital Esports Asia, works together with Tencent Esports and NeoTV to produce the competition with the support of prestige sponsors including FAW-Audi and iQOO, as well as official sponsors including OMEN, AutoFull, Eastroc, and China Unicom.

Fans can rewatch the streams on various online platforms and broadcasting channels, including AESF Official YouTube and Twitch channels, Bilibili, Huya Live, Douyu Live, Kuaishou Games, China Mobile, Migu Channels, Tencent Video, Weibo, and Xiaohongshu.

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