RDAG 2022 PUBG Mobile Asian Games Version Concludes With A Bang!

Tue, Jun 27
Admin OSC

Macau China, 27 June – The highly anticipated PUBG Mobile Asian Games Version, held from June 22nd to June 26th, 2023, in Macau, China, came to an exhilarating end as teams from five major Asian regions battled it out to secure the top rank in their respective grouping.

The tournament kicked off with the first seeding stage, where teams from the West Asia Group and East Asia Group competed fiercely. Team Bahrain and Team China emerged as the top-ranked team in their respective regions, having earned them a direct spot in the regional finals scheduled for June 24th.

In the intense final stage of the West Asia group, spectators witnessed a neck-and-neck battle between Team Palestine and Jordan in section 4 of the game. Both teams raced towards the finish line to secure their spot. Eventually, Team Palestine emerged victorious, claiming the top rank in the group. The team’s exceptional performance showcased their capabilities in the Esports world, solidifying their presence on the global stage. Ayoub “TIMON” Ishtayyed of Team Palestine was honored with the prestigious Audi Super A Athlete award for the West Asia group.

In the finals of the East Asia Group, Team China displayed sheer dominance, crushing their competitors with an impressive lead of 122-0 in section 2 of the game. Led by PUBG Mobile superstar “Paraboy,” Team China’s strategy focused on swiftly reaching checkpoints ahead of other teams and securing ground targets, emphasizing their speed and coordination. Team China proved to be the fastest team throughout the competition. Team Chinese Taipei secured the second-place position, followed by Team Hong Kong, China and Team Korea. Yumeng “FlowerH” Chen, making his debut in the tournament, received the Audi Super A Athlete award for Team China.

On Day 3, the competition shifted to the seeding stage of the Central & South Asia and Southeast Asia Region. Team Sri Lanka started strong, securing their position directly into the finals. Meanwhile, other teams faced fierce battles in the qualifying rounds to earn their spot.

Team Kazakhstan and Team Nepal engaged in a thrilling rivalry during the qualifying rounds. Team Kazakhstan strategically overcame their vehicle petrol crisis by hitching rides with the Uzbekistan team in Section 3 of the game. Their perseverance and determination paid off as they secured a spot in the finals, ultimately claiming the top rank in the group. Team Kazakhstan surpassed Team Sri Lanka, the second-place team, by a lead of 53 seconds. Zhangir “SAWKESH” Myrza was recognized with the Audi Super A Athlete award for Team Kazakhstan.

The Southeast Asia Region showcased the highest number of participating teams, with nine countries vying for victory. Team Thailand and Team Brunei emerged as strong contenders during the qualifying rounds, with only a 66-second difference between them in the seeding stage. Team Thailand ultimately emerged as the winner, securing the fastest time in the grouping. Surprisingly, Team Laos secured the second-place position, just one minute behind Team Thailand, followed by Team Indonesia in third place. Nuttawut “TonyK” Muensa of Team Thailand received the Audi Super A Athlete award for his outstanding performance.

For those who missed the thrilling showdown, the livestreamed videos are available for rewatching on AESF Official YouTube and Twitch channels. Additionally, fans can look forward to watching these remarkable teams battle it out live at the upcoming 19th Asian Games, set to take place in Hangzhou, China.

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