Why Esports At The Asian Games Is A Big Deal

Fri, Oct 01

For a while, Esports has always occupied a unique space between traditional sports and the realms of low stakes yet competitive hobby. This was mostly attributed to the misconceptions by the masses who failed to see Esports beyond its playlike nature.

However, over time, Esports have grown into a self-sustaining, driven and well-oiled industry which saw high-stakes competitions being organized, year by year, exceeding all expectations laid before. No longer childsplay, Esports have started to occupy and carry a much more matured form

Among those within the industry, it is a well-known fact that it takes years of practice and dedication from an Esports player to reach the pinnacle of whichever game title they commit themselves to – just like any other professional sport.

By having Esports featured as an official medal event at the 2022 Asian Games, we are able to not just reach an otherwise untapped segment of viewers, but also address the misconceptions typically associated with Esports. Putting it on par with other traditional sports events which offer medals up for grabs elevates the status from being a ‘Demonstration Game’ into a full-fledged competitive and professional scene.

On top of that, having Esports as an official medal event in the region’s largest multi-sports event keeps Asia firmly ahead when it comes to the Esports development scene. No other international sporting event has accorded Esports the same level of acknowledgement and by doing so, makes the Asian region as trailblazers when it comes to Esports development globally.